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Leaning into Spirit

There is a gentle force that contains me- that contains all of us within it's embrace.
It reminded me yesterday to "Lean in" when I wanted to feel it's calmness, safety and peace.
So as a stressful thought offered itself into my mind, I noticed it for what it was, a stressful thought.
I took a deep breath, leaned back into my own spine where I felt my truth, my strength and the presence of love, my own Soul, holding me still- to watch, to accept and to detach from the thought.

The only thing we ever have control of is our internal experience- and even that takes much awareness and practice to control.  Our mind pulls at us constantly, feeding our fears and the illusion of control.

Our mind so often leads the way with thoughts of fear, doubt, lack, anxiety and confusion- even grandiosity and separation.  And in the words of Michael Singer "We can either lean in to Self or fall."

To fall, is to try to fix those thoughts and the feelings they create by attem…

The Voice inside my head.....

There is something that I am deeply, deeply grateful for that most people aren't even aware of in their own lives- the voices of my spirit guides.

I spend most of my days with at least one spirit beside me and sometimes 2-3.  They are constantly offering helpful hints, little jokes and ways to look at life that help me breath easier.  I LOVE these souls- Red Eagle, Annie, & Miriam.

I have never met them in the physical world.  They are not individuals from my own family who have passed.  And yet, they are deeply important to me and I love them as much as if they were.

I get asked all the time by my clients, "How do you connect with your Spirit Guide?", "Who are they?" And frequently hear, "I would LOVE to hear mine like you do".

My reply is usually, "Well then you need to spend the time with your guide like I do. You need to make the relationship valid & real and invest your time and energy into it."

I talk to my guides, sometime o…