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The Myth of Earth Bound Spirits

The Myth of Earth Bound Spirits
If you have ever caught a glimpse of some of the new medium/ghost shows on television, you are bound to run across one of them proclaiming the idea of a spirit being "stuck" here on Earth. I have NEVER run across a "stuck" spirit in all my 15 years of doing healing & mediumship work- NEVER.  Although, this is what my teacher taught me & I believed in this idea for awhile- I could never really find proof of it.   
And now, I know the idea that a spirit can get lost on their way to the light, or can be denied entry by their own confusion is false.  What pain this idea causes those left behind!   To think not only their son may have committed suicide in an act of pain, but that he also isn't receiving relief and love because he's stuck here by the regret.  Or that dad is disappointed and hurting because we didn't take him to the doctor right away and he ended up dying.
What I have run across is spirits who want to offer …