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Lessons from Spring...

From My Spring Garden 2012 I walked around my yard yesterday, taking deep breaths of the intoxicating smell of earth, grass and my favorite- lilacs.  The green is so incredibly healing to my soul after Wisconsin winters and I cannot wait to get my bare feet on the grass.  As I snapped this picture, I had a thought gently placed into my open mind by my soul.  "Hmm what hard work it must be to break through that ground here every single year."

I couldn't help but reflect on my own journey through challenges and the importance of keeping the faith that eventually I'd break through my resistances and rise up to express my dreams.  That phase of inner growth, perseverance and trust is so essential  to success and isn't usually visible to those around us and yet, it's the most important part of the journey- never giving up, pushing forward in the darkness, trusting the light of success to be just ahead.

If your a tulip in Wisconsin, just breaking through the hard c…

What can get in your way....

I was digging around my art room this morning and came across a journal from 8 years ago.

Such beautiful words, and insights were in there and it made me tingle to read it.
"Gosh I love this gal", I thought to myself..... about myself :)

There was something I wrote that I wanted to share, with all of you, that still gives value today.

Barriers to Having What YOU Want......

1. Ignorance
Not knowing what you could have or what's available to you- Do your Research!
Not seeking and allowing yourself to be inspired- Be Explorative!
Not knowing How to ask for what you want or Who to ask it from- Be Brave & Do your Research!

2. Limiting & Untrue Beliefs
We are conditioned by our parents, teachers, the world, our friends, etc. to limit ourselves
We believe that being Needy is a weakness instead of human nature
We believe it is better to give to others but not to ourselves
We believe that to ask for more is selfish
We believe that if we HAVE then another may have to be deprived

3. …