Lessons from Spring...

From My Spring Garden 2012

I walked around my yard yesterday, taking deep breaths of the intoxicating smell of earth, grass and my favorite- lilacs.  The green is so incredibly healing to my soul after Wisconsin winters and I cannot wait to get my bare feet on the grass.  As I snapped this picture, I had a thought gently placed into my open mind by my soul.  "Hmm what hard work it must be to break through that ground here every single year."

I couldn't help but reflect on my own journey through challenges and the importance of keeping the faith that eventually I'd break through my resistances and rise up to express my dreams.  That phase of inner growth, perseverance and trust is so essential  to success and isn't usually visible to those around us and yet, it's the most important part of the journey- never giving up, pushing forward in the darkness, trusting the light of success to be just ahead.

If your a tulip in Wisconsin, just breaking through the hard cold ground can be tough, but wait till your tender leaves burst forth and the roller coaster days of Spring smack you around with bitter chill mornings and unpredictable sunny afternoons. But if you bloom slowly, and don't rush, your guaranteed the perfect opportunity to unfold your gorgeous display.  Patience, persistance, and faith- the perfect ingredients for displaying your full self in this world.

I shall keep this lesson in my heart.


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