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Box Car Simba- I just couldn't help myself

Normally, I try to write something deeply touching or profound on my blog- but lately there just isn't anything but silliness knocking around this brain of mine......funny stuff-  stupidly funny stuff.
I have a majorly HUGE funny bone.  I can't help it.
If you fall down, I'll help you up, but I'll be laughing so hard my legs will be crossed to stop the flow of nature.
It's just how I'm wired.  I can't claim responsibility for it- it's the big guy's fault. And lately, I can't get enough of my cat's love affair with boxes.

Our 4th "child" Simba has always been a lover- of containers.   The smaller the better. 
We have quite a collection of photos now.   And I think it may be time for some crazy kitty medication- I'm just saying....
It's not really a problem I guess, unless you have a soccer game and  your uniform that supposed to be blue makes you look like a polar bear with a good coat of fur.  (I admit, I saw this and did …