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The Sound of Silence & Soul

Meditation's Gift
Today I choose to listen. I choose to sit quietly with myself and to open. To stop running to the phone as sounds it's tiny alarms,  pulling me from my Peace, or the computer that hums a song of wasting time.
Today I choose to listen, to the voice that remembers why  and what my Soul wants to share.
Today I choose to listen. There's a voice weeping softly deep in my belly,  that I will not hear when I am moving and rushing to "get it done".
Today I choose to listen to her wanting and her tenderness,  which reveals my deepest self.
Today I choose to listen, to LOVE as it whispers words of healing, and kindness to my heart.
Today I choose to listen, and KNOW my own essence as beauty and fire and water.

What is your Soul asking for you to hear? Only the Silence can show you.

Guardian Angels

As a psychic medium, I spend my work days hanging out on the other side a lot.  (Funny side note, my office is actually on the "other side" of my home, so I frequently say, "I'm going to hang out on the OTHER SIDE NOW", when I head over to my work. )  So, because I'm always bobbing my energy in the upper realms it's important to ground and be in my physical reality when I'm not working.

Today however, I decided to go for a stroll in heaven.  When I entered the white light it began vibrating and lifting me, a favorite sensation of mine.  I immediately saw two men approaching me.  They were fuzzy but the man out front was clearest of all.  He reminded me of my Aunt Beth a little, and so when he said, "hello cookie" I knew he was my maternal grandfather.  He was dressed in blue jeans and a nice blue and white plaid shirt and he looked about 27 years old- not how he looked when he passed I'm certain.

He shook my hand warmly because he could…

Spirituality is a Sacred Subjective Experience

Have you ever had a deeply spiritual and transforming experience that you couldn't wait to share with your friends, loved ones or co-workers because you just knew it was going to change their mind or life?  And did you notice that after sharing the experience you felt a little less excited or deflated in some way?  This is a common occurrence when sharing your Sacred Experiences with others.

It's because spirituality is a one on one experience- it's subjective.

To try and share the feelings of elation, "proof" and transformation with others is to share the experience vicariously and indirectly and it just plain ol' loses it's punch.

I have had many a client run home to tell their family members about the amazing reading they had, only to meet with skepticism and hole punching enthusiasm.  It hurts but it's human nature to be skeptical.

We are so afraid of being made a fool of, or being ripped off and we can't wait to point out how another may h…

Your Sacred Space

Isn't it funny that we know how to clean our homes of dirt, or keep out nasty people (or try to at least)- but we're not sure how to get rid of icky feelings and nasty spirits when they show up in our homes?

I constantly get asked by my clients how to get rid of negative energy or spirits. You don't have to be a psychic or gifted in some way to clear your home of "bad ju ju", as I call it.  You just need a few simple tools and conscious awareness of your sacred space and when it needs clearing.

I clear my office space 2-3 times a day when I am working.  It makes all the difference in the world to me and to my clients.  I keep incense burning at the door to my office, so they get cleaned up when they come in and cleaned up when they walk back out.  With all the smudging I do, I'm certain the neighbors must think I'm dealing pot.

"So that's why people are always coming and going over there....", ha ha ha.

Seriously folks, you don't have …

Infinite Love & Reincarnation

A few weeks ago I taught a class on reincarnation and it was powerful for me and for those who attended.  I haven't always believed in past lives.  In fact, I grew up Southern Baptist and was taught, "One shot, that's all you got."  So, when the idea of past lives showed up for me, I struggled to let it in.

When my son was a small boy, like the child in this video, he used to say things to me that I found slightly "freaky", like......"You were my mom the last time I was here but you're not my mom in the next time."

"What do you mean next time?", I asked confused.

"Next time you work in a big building as a writer I think, but you are best friends with my mom."


"So what's it like there in this 'next time' ", I ask.

"There are lots of big silver buildings everywhere."

Ok.   Very weird.

He was quite young, around the age of 5 and definitely in love with his momma and not a boy who would or …


I am a Witness to LOVE.
 The Angel's Light is Entering the Scene (note if there had been a flash it would have reflected off of the stainless steel around the window- also note, that is not a sign to the left of the light)
The Angel's Light Opening to Receive the boy- Carried by Christ into the light
On Wednesday May 30, 2012 I was in the last train car of the Missouri River Runner, which had just left St. Louis and was headed to Jefferson City where my dear 18 yr. old son was going to pick me up.  We had taken the train down for the first time in 22 years- so that I could return my son's car to Wisconsin for him, while he flew his new airplane home.
We expected no delays and a beautiful trip, even though that morning I had a quick premonition that we might hit a boy on our train ride.  The thought was painful and felt so bad that I quickly dismissed it thinking- "what an awful thing to think".  That thought later came back to challenge me, as exactly that situat…