Infinite Love & Reincarnation

A few weeks ago I taught a class on reincarnation and it was powerful for me and for those who attended.  I haven't always believed in past lives.  In fact, I grew up Southern Baptist and was taught, "One shot, that's all you got."  So, when the idea of past lives showed up for me, I struggled to let it in.

When my son was a small boy, like the child in this video, he used to say things to me that I found slightly "freaky", like......"You were my mom the last time I was here but you're not my mom in the next time."

"What do you mean next time?", I asked confused.

"Next time you work in a big building as a writer I think, but you are best friends with my mom."


"So what's it like there in this 'next time' ", I ask.

"There are lots of big silver buildings everywhere."

Ok.   Very weird.

He was quite young, around the age of 5 and definitely in love with his momma and not a boy who would or could willingly admit to his mom not being his mom.

The other thing he used to do was draw, as soon as he could draw legibly, this emblem.  He drew it on everything!  It looked similar to a star trek badge (I thought) but very simplistic with two upside down V's with a circle inside and a line under them.  No matter how often he drew it- It NEVER changed. And he drew it and hung it everywhere in his room, - like his mark or something.

When I asked him, where he saw that image before his reply was, "it's mine, I remember it."

Okey dokey smokey.

So, when I started to have my own "flashbacks" of other lives lived, my son's words helped ease that door open in my consciousness to receive them.  Nothing fancy for me though.  No cleopatra, no rich heiress that I could recall- nope, just some really difficult and spiritually challenging lifetimes that explained a lot of what I was trying to be courageous about in this life.

Finally,  I started to research my good ol' bible and I found that Jesus believed in reincarnation- in fact in two different scriptures he mentions that John the Baptist is Elijah reincarnated.
"For all the prophets and the law have prophesied until John. And if you are willing to receive it, he is Elijah who was to come." (Matthew 11:13-14)

What? How come no one ever told me this before.  Why do we so easily sweep this aside?  Because there are so many that would benefit from teaching fear- from teaching, "one shot that's all you got."  Fear, not love.  Fear, not forgiveness.  Limitation, not limitlessness, infinite love.

I asked myself what I would do if I were God- I would let them have all the chances they wanted to experience and be LOVE.  I would let them return and make amends or heal their hearts and learn from their choices.

"Of course!", I sang in my heart.  If my God is Infinite Love & Infinite Forgiveness then, "one shot that's all you got" is bull.

And honestly, how boring would it be to live for all eternity only having experienced myself as one person.

I had a client once, a beautiful black gay woman who was being "haunted" by these flashes of a white male Nazi officer who had killed himself.  She could feel him with her and could see all the innocent people he had killed, hated and laughed at as worthless human beings.  He especially hated women.  She came to see me at the suggestion of her therapist because of her inability to get away from these flashes.

After listening to all the graphic details, I took a deep breath and courageously said,

"What if I told you, you were him?  That this was your last lifetime?"

She started to sob- catharsis came.  It made sense to her.  It made sense as to why she would feel remorse on her own suicidal passing and at the hate she had held in that lifetime and wanting to heal.  So, she choose to be everything she had hated and more- a black, gay woman.  Someone who is the center of not just one, but three rejected/prejudiced faces of our world.

At this moment of catharsis, she spoke the words "I forgive myself"

With these words she saw the Nazi  transformed into light and Great Peace overcame her.

We both sat in awe and stillness.

Infinite Love people- that's what I'm saying.....


  1. I have a best friend and roomate who has found herself on the more Buddist side of religion. I consider myself to be in the religion of one love and leave the fear based religion in the trash.
    Being raised baptist who has since found that true connection with God I also questioned that idea. I dont believe we are an accident, I dont believe we start human and magically become a fish or a tree. While I questioning it in my head I heard the answer clear as day. "God allows us to do what we want". If we choose to come back he will allow us to with the same eternity and everlasting love we came and left with before. Why not?

    This was the most rational and sane answer ever to me and it's one I feel confident in. I don't know what it's like on the other side but I do know it is full of love and options :)

    I wish I could have attented Martina :) I look forward to starting some classes with you very soon :)



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