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Doubt can destroy

I am human... shit lord almighty how easily my life reminds me of that fact on a daily basis.  And, I discovered, uncovered, and awakened to a nasty little energy that needs to get it's ass out of my life once and for all- Doubt.

I did my first email mediumship reading this week.  I wanted to make myself more available and more easily priced for those who couldn't get into to see me or afford the longer time frame fee.  So, my enthusiasm came up with a great idea and I leapt right in- knowing darn well I could totally do it!

I did the reading and it flowed beautifully.  The guy even had me laughing most of the time.  I hit send and waited to hear the validation and joy for the connection (we all need validation and gratitude).  No such luck..... I waited several days and no response.

I began to fidget, worry that perhaps I had done a poor job and this person had no idea how to tell me this..... I began to doubt that I even should have offered email sessions in the first plac…

Do it Anyways...

I saw this quote on pinterest the other day and felt myself laughing and nodding my head in deep agreement at the same time.

How many times do you go to make a decision and allow your partner, friends, parents, etc weigh in on your choice?  While I agree that choices that involve someone directly need to be agreed upon, I think there are far too many cooks in the mental kitchen preparing a meal that only you will have to eat.

When your Soul speaks to you- it speaks to YOU directly.  It doesn't say, "Hmm, I'm not sure if that would be best for you, go ask your husband."   It says, "Hey wouldn't it be great to (fill in the blank)? Now let's go make this happen!"

What trips us up is that fear filled voice that's focused only on the outside world and it's shitload of opinions.  We can go full stop before we even take one step, just by worrying about the criticism we might encounter.

So, let me offer you a truth and a gift today.  YOU ARE GOING …