Why Bad Shit Happens......

A friend of mine is going through what I would call an extreme challenge.  Her son faced a very difficult situation years ago- he was a teenager and had a long term relationship with a young lady who was also a teenager.  After he turned 18, the relationship ended in a bad break up- as most teenage relationships do.  The young lady, angry about his ending things, decided to make him 'pay' for leaving her and reported to her mother that the relationship had been an intimate one (and perhaps you already know where I'm going with this). Because of our federal laws, this is considered sexual abuse and this young man ended up in prison for 3 years.

I remember when it happened.  It sickened all of us who knew and loved him.  How could this happen?  It made no sense to me- the unfairness of it all.  The relationship had been consensual and they were only 2 years apart in age.  

Through this whole ordeal, he kept his head high and his heart open. He overcame those 3 years with incredible strength and perseverance and I'll never forget the first time I saw him when he got out.  He was radiant.

He walked up to me at a presentation I was doing for an big group and it took me a few seconds to realize who I was looking at.  He was beaming and we hugged & I felt such joy as I squeezed the shit out of him.

I looked him over as he chit chatted about himself and the last 3 years and what he had learned.  I was overcome by his strength and KNEW I was in the presence of a MASTER.  A part of me felt like sitting at his feet and listening to all he could teach me, but I remembered the 'real' world we were living in and told myself someday,  I'd get the chance.  

That reunion was over a year ago, and since that time this young man has fallen in love, gotten a job, is working hard and contributing his light into this world with gusto.  He has been filled with hope and potential, even though he will have to carry a stigmata of 'sex abuser' the rest of his life.  He is an endurer.

So yesterday his mother sent me a message on facebook asking guidance from my crew.  It seems through a paperwork issue, her Son has to return to prison for 2 more years.  My heart sank.  Here are her words- sharing what her son has asked her.
Well my son posed a question to me a few minutes ago and then I saw you post asking for questions. It just broke my heart. I haven't had time to meditate to see what comes to me. So here we go. 
"Mom why now that I have my act together - a great lady, a family, working hard, I care about life, I'm going good - are they going to send me back to prison for 2 years just because I didn't get some paper work done properly and didn't tell them a couple of things. I ultimately told the truth and now they are taking everything away from me. I didn't do drugs, hurt anyone, drink. I just don't understand.

Is the injustice in this system so much stronger than all the prayers and positive thoughts you, I and xxxx have put forward? All your friends and the community that cares for me have put so much positive out there for us. Is the unjust something we can't over come?"

I'll be interested to see what your guidance says to you. My heart is so sad

"WTF", I shouted at the universe.  "How much can one person endure!"

I knew that I would have to get quiet, settle my anger down and find peace to be open to hearing my CREW speak to me.  And frankly, I was too angry and sad to listen without arguing anyways-  So I walked away from it for awhile.

I was awoken at 444am this morning ( a very significant number for me) with my CREW loud and clear in my ear.  I had awoken from a dream where my own son was being handcuffed to a pole in a police station because he had walked away from a cashier with two extra dollars change then he wasn't supposed to get.  They called him a thief and I was furious at our justice system and terrified for my son.

Upon awakening from this dream, I immediately KNEW they were going to talk to me about my friend's situation now- so I sat up in bed and began the dialogue.

The following is what they shared with me........(forewarning- this is long and profound, so don't read it unless you have time)

Me: So guys, why is this shit happening to him?

Ann: The Soul in particular that you are asking about is what we would call an "Earth Master", or what many of you refer to as an "Old Soul".  This term means that a person's Soul experiences have been highly focused on this level of reality and mastering the challenges it presents.  

This level of existence is highly challenging to all Souls- it is only a pull for those who yearn for the highs and lows of it- the risk takers, the adventurers, the warriors.  All of you who walk this Earth fit this description, whether you realize it or not. Some of you are new to it, and choose smaller challenges. And, some of you have been around the block more times than you can count and keep coming back for more- taking on bigger and harder challenges each time.

Me: Do you mean to tell me he wanted this experience? I am confused....

Ann: In a way, yes.  But not from the personality or Ego level.  His Soul wants the experience, craves the experience of Transcendence.

Me: Please explain what you mean by that.

Ann: Let me begin by talking about all Souls in general who come to this reality.  Heaven, as you call it, is a place of total peace, happiness, understanding and pure and total awareness.  From your vantage point, this seems like something you would want to have all the time. Correct?

Me: Possibly.... I kind of think that could get a little boring after awhile.  Like when I have too many days off a part of me, starts to itch to get back to work.  Or when I have a lazy day it starts to get boring just doing nothing after awhile and I start looking for things to clean or organize or create.  

Ann: Excellent!  That's where we are headed with this.  While I would not use the term "boring" as you have- this realm is filled with potentials and experiences you cannot even imagine.  Those Souls who are strongly drawn to FEELING and the experiences that evoke strong varieties of feelings will get excited about the opportunity to come into the Earth reality because of it's offering of polarity.

There are several gifts that this reality can offer a Soul.  While many of you look upon these gifts as "curses" from time to time- we assure you, you embraced them and celebrated them for the experiences they could offer you within your incarnations.

The first gift is "forgetting".  There are different levels of forgetting and you choose before you incarnate, how much you wipe from your awareness.  Just like a magnet erases the information on a computer- you wipe clean or block off with fields of energy- your full awareness.  Some of you are very brave and choose to go "all in" by completely forgetting who and what you are.  You want the full raw experience of believing you are separate and alone.  And some of you bring "pieces" or bits of information/knowing with you, so that you can use these pieces to enhance your experience in a different way.

The second gift is polarity- meaning that there is an experience of good/bad, warm/cold, happy/sad etc. that is offered by the density of this reality.  

Me: I understand the gift of polarity- it's like You cannot truly appreciate the warmth without having frozen your ass off once in awhile.  The gift of warm without cold is just neutral- status quo and it loses it's impact.

Ann: Exactly.

The third gift is TRANSCENDENCE.... and this is ultimately what most of you are after.  You love it!  To play with you a little, we would say you are transcendence junkies!

Me: (laughing) Can you explain transcendence as you mean it?

Ann: Certainly!  The energy of transcendence is to overcome a challenge, to become bigger than the suffering you are experiencing so that you contain it, instead of it owning you or collapsing you.  

Me: Hmmm.  I get that.  I can see so many experiences in my own life where this applies, where I overcame.  I can also see the ones I am still currently working with.

Ann: They will never stop- these opportunities for transcendence.  It's one of the biggest reasons you are here.  Why all of you are here!  You love the experience of transcending.  You can't get enough of it.  Even though you tell yourselves quite frequently that you are tired of it.

Me: I don't know about that!  There are so many times when I think I've had enough of this shit.  Stop the planet, I'd like to get off moments.....

Ann: And you would not be judged for doing so.

Me: You mean getting off the planet?

Ann: Yes.  Many times Souls come and in their enthusiasm pile on a huge amount of personal challenges and then after getting here, realize it's a bit too much.  Here is a simple analogy.....Remember when you used to diet back in the day, and you'd say "I can lose 2.5 lbs a week!  That'll be easy, I just have to push myself hard enough."  

Me: Yes, I remember that very well.  And here I sit today..... saying screw diets!

Ann: Yes (laughing) screw diets!  Well anyways, you would usually last a few weeks and then your mind would interfere and your emotions would interfere and you would quit the diet.  This is a simple way of describing what happens to Souls as they are making their life plans and choosing struggles to overcome.

Me: So you are saying we choose before we come all the shit that's going to happen to us?  I've heard you talk about this somewhat before.

Ann: Yes, every single detail you choose- except how you will respond.  That you leave up to the moment and your own free will.  

Me: Let me think on this a little...... It makes me think about when I'm in the middle of a shit storm and I'm afraid, why would I put myself through that?  It feels a little sadistic.  

Ann: Remember when you saw that television show where people were putting hooks through their body?
Me: Yes, that was horrible to watch. I almost threw up.

Ann: Do you remember what the man was saying about how they do it so that they can reach a euphoric experience?  That the pain is something they overcome with their minds and then in the overcoming they experience euphoria.  They love it!

Me: No thanks.....

Ann: Yet you put emotional hooks and mental hooks into yourself all the time in this world.  You enter into relationships that harm you and attack your self worth..... and why do you do this?  So that you can have the joy, the euphoria of transcending it all.  

Just ask a marathon runner if it was worth it.  Most of them will tell you yes!  

In fact, all of your marathoners, triathletes, Mount Everest Climbers are here to transcend physical limitations.  Even your handicapped, or chronically ill are here to experience the joy of transcending these experiences.  They yearn for the experience of being "bigger" than the struggle, "bigger" than the pain.  They may not consciously know this, but they are a beautiful example of "trying to transcend" for everyone around them.   These souls are also what you would call, "Earth Masters".

Me: I'm not thinking I am an "Earth Master", my challenges don't seem to be as difficult as that.  And certainly they aren't as difficult as this beautiful young man's are.

Ann: Your challenges for this lifetime are more emotionally and mentally focused.  Your transcendence is based on overcoming the fear of rejection or abandonment through self love.

Me: Yep- that fits.

Ann: It's different for everyone.  But if a Soul wants to know what they are here to transcend, they only need to look at the challenges they have consistently faced and what the common thread in each one is that they are trying to "overcome".  

Me: But what about the whole, "positive thoughts, positive intentions, law of attraction thing"?  How does that fit into to all of this.

Ann: There is a flaw in the Law of Attraction as you know it.  You see  the focus of this Law for the creation of comfort and happiness- to use it to avoid lack or challenges.  Why would this be a goal? You will automatically have that when you return home to your Soul again!  

You came here, quite honestly to get away from all that cushy comfort and perfection.

 And this Law of Attraction tends to create guilt for a lot of individuals. if things don't turn out the way they were directing their energy and thoughts they feel like failures and see their creations as a lack of intensity or not using this law properly.  They don't realize that they cannot avoid challenges- that they are part of the plan that they themselves put into place!

Me: Are you saying the Law of Attraction doesn't work?

Ann: Not at all- just that your awareness of it is limited.  It is leaving out some things.  

The Law does have it's effect in this reality.  It is a tool for your use- to create within an experience but it cannot and will not PREVENT an experience that your Soul has already chosen for this lifetime.  

Think of it this way..... your subconscious mind is your creative force.  Within this subconscious mind are crystalline forms, held in the 5th layer of your energy field to be exact, that hold the experiences or challenges you wish to transcend in this life.  These crystalline structures are magnetic in force and draw to you, when they are activated, the experiences programmed within them.

You can use the law of attraction to draw to you things, feelings, persons etc. to help you transcend the challenges.  But you cannot eliminate the challenge from happening.  That would be like eliminating your reason for being here.....

Me: Whoa.... So what you are saying is, what we chose before we came is held within our energy field of consciousness and will activate when the time is right?

Ann: Yes.

Me: And that we aren't walking around this Earth so that we can make it as cushy and safe as possible? To avoid suffering of any kind?

Ann: Again, that would be like trying to replicate the realm of Spirit.  You didn't come here for that.  You might get homesick and miss it- everyone does.  But it sure helps to remind yourself, it's not why your here.  You came for the challenge.  Every single one of you.  

Me: So what activates these challenges?

Ann: This is complex and can be explained at another time if you'd like.  However, regarding this Earth Master Soul that is the son of your friend.  His own Soul activated this awakening 5 years ago, and it is going to play out fully.  His challenge is to find the strength to overcome, to transcend the fears it is evoking within him.  

Me: Are you saying he has to go back to prison- that there is no way out?

Ann: No, we will not reveal that to you. That is his to know and discover for himself.  What we will tell you though is that this journey will require all of his inner strength and mastery of his mind and emotions to finish it out.

We liken this to him having climbed half way up Mount Everest and reaching base camp thinking this was far enough- feeling like he could do no more.  After resting, the Soul begins to pull for the summit.  It's time.  The climb must begin again.  His personality will kick and scream to walk back down the Mountain, or to sit right where he is, but his Soul..... his Soul is a Master and will make the climb.  This is a breakthrough moment of transcendence for his Soul. He will achieve this- he will survive, because this is who and what he is.

Me: This makes me so sad for him.  ( I'm crying and a big fat lump has formed in my throat)

Ann: This is because your focus is on how hard the climb is- as will his be for awhile.  But, somewhere along this climb, he will remember WHO he is and WHAT he is capable of.  He will endure and ultimately he will transcend.

This Earth Master Soul is a teacher.  He is showing the way, by walking it. There are so many, including you, who are witnessing his climb- his mastery.  And you will benefit from his experience- for all experiences of transcendence are a gift to all who witness it.

Me: What can I do to help? What can his mother do to help?

Ann: Send him strength in your prayers.  Shift your thoughts and prayers from trying to prevent it- to "thy will be done" and offer his Soul your love and encouragement to master the journey he is taking.  Trust his Soul's reasons for choosing the climb in the first place.  TRUST his life.  

He is not being punished.  He did nothing wrong.  He is being encouraged to transcend- to become more than he has known himself to be before now.

(My master guide steps forward to speak at this time)

Red Eagle: Eventually he will stand in front of large groups of people and he will speak with great authority and mastery of the subject of conquering fear.  He will lead others into their own limitations and give them the courage to endure, to not give up.  He will teach transcendence.  

So, he must not give up.  He must trust his own Soul.  This is not a mistake, not in any way.

Me: This still sucks.

Red Eagle: It is part of the condition of transcendence my friend.  There must be something to overcome- and the greater the challenge the greater the experience of joy when one is successful at overcoming it.

Ann: Just ask the marathoner!  "What felt better to finish, the little 5K run or the marathon? Which one gave you a greater high?"  

Me: Well, I certainly will have to ask someone, because my ass will never be running one.  


  1. Martina, what an awesome description of transcendence! I totally get it yet how does one discern between physical, mental, or emotional transcendence. Your crew said that yours was "based on overcoming the fear of rejection or abandonment through self love." Let's say you have repeated patterns of getting into financial debt. There is a combination of physical (work), mental and spiritual transcendence that must occur to get out of it. So, how do you know which is the one that is sort of in charge of the transcendence? Once that is determined, how does one go about the actual transcending in order to learn the lesson?

    1. We weave in and out of challenges- physical, emotional and mentally that we are transcending through out our lives. But repeated patterns with all 3 are to be conquered first in the mind, then emotions and the physical will follow suit :)

      How to transcend..... perfect question for another blog!! I'll add it to my list :)

    2. Sylvia Browne, a well known psychic, has a series of books if you would like to learn more about this concept.A souls perfection can be picked up at your local library if interested.

  2. Let me see if I've got this. First work on the stinkin thinkin, then the reelin (sometimes out of control) feelin which will give way to the revision of the provision ;) Just wanted to make it fun! So, do I have that right?

    Can't wait to hear the answer to how to facilitate our transcendence!

  3. Thank you Martina. That really helped me look at my own Shit Storms in a very different way. Thank you so much for sharing.


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