Your Sacred Space

Isn't it funny that we know how to clean our homes of dirt, or keep out nasty people (or try to at least)- but we're not sure how to get rid of icky feelings and nasty spirits when they show up in our homes?

I constantly get asked by my clients how to get rid of negative energy or spirits. You don't have to be a psychic or gifted in some way to clear your home of "bad ju ju", as I call it.  You just need a few simple tools and conscious awareness of your sacred space and when it needs clearing.

I clear my office space 2-3 times a day when I am working.  It makes all the difference in the world to me and to my clients.  I keep incense burning at the door to my office, so they get cleaned up when they come in and cleaned up when they walk back out.  With all the smudging I do, I'm certain the neighbors must think I'm dealing pot.

"So that's why people are always coming and going over there....", ha ha ha.

Seriously folks, you don't have to be extreme on the homefront energy/space clearing like I do in my office, but you sure will benefit if you learn how to recognize when the energy needs a "cleaning" and you do a few simple things to make it better.

Everyone is affected by energy. And, your home is filled with all the energy you & everyone who visits or lives there expresses in it.  If you have two teenagers like me, well then it's certain you need to clear the air a little from time to time (Those hormones and emotions can stick to the walls like chewing gum, I swear!)

Argument energy, overworking, stress, sadness, violence, etc. all can be imprinted into the energy of a space- especially if it's chronic or extreme.  It's why it's important to clear a home before you move into it.  I walked through every room (including the creepy attic and basement) of our 100 year old farmhouse the day before we moved in with a smudge stick and prayers.  It felt like a new home the next day and I was happy to put all my things in that clean fresh space. Ahhh....

Our offices get cluttered with negative energies too- stress, deadlines, disagreements all leave residual "bad ju ju".  I even smudge my computer from time to time when it's not co-operating with me anymore.

And here's some really good news- you don't have to know what kind of "bad energy" you've got in your space necessarily, just that it's there and how to get rid of it.  My class will teach you 4 easy ways to get rid of it- so you can breath easy and feel great in your space again.

Trust me on this, we all have "bad ju ju" in our home, office or car from time to time- just like we all get a messy house and need to clean it up.  If you stay on top of it, it won't build up and create problems for you and your family.

Did you know you can actually become depressed or sick, just from the build up of negative energy in your home?  Yes, it can have a physically negative effect on everyone who lives there.  You can also attract negative spirits that like to create chaos because they are drawn to the chaos of energy in your home like a magnet.  No worries though- there are ways to stop that.

I betcha your just itching to clean your space now aren't you.  I know I am-  as soon as I hit PUBLISH let the smoke begin.

Check out my class here  and start creating Your own Sacred Space.


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