Spirituality is a Sacred Subjective Experience

Have you ever had a deeply spiritual and transforming experience that you couldn't wait to share with your friends, loved ones or co-workers because you just knew it was going to change their mind or life?  And did you notice that after sharing the experience you felt a little less excited or deflated in some way?  This is a common occurrence when sharing your Sacred Experiences with others.

It's because spirituality is a one on one experience- it's subjective.

To try and share the feelings of elation, "proof" and transformation with others is to share the experience vicariously and indirectly and it just plain ol' loses it's punch.

I have had many a client run home to tell their family members about the amazing reading they had, only to meet with skepticism and hole punching enthusiasm.  It hurts but it's human nature to be skeptical.

We are so afraid of being made a fool of, or being ripped off and we can't wait to point out how another may have allowed just that.  There is no cure for this but direct experience.  You must experience it yourself to believe it- period.

I recently did a reading and the child of a friend of the person being read showed up.  She gave simple details, evidential details and not generalized details of her existence to the friend- who luckily knew her well enough to be able to confirm them all.  When she took the details back to the girl's mother, even though all the details matched, the mother was disappointed that the things she would have liked to have heard weren't said.  And after talking it over several times with her, the woman who had the session felt deflated and doubtful as well.  This happens, it sucks, but it happens.

I usually tell people that the reason I have seen such simple, but true, information come through for a person not at the reading, is so it will be just enough for the person they very much want to talk to, to give it a try.  This doesn't always happen, and it's not my job to make it happen- but, when it does, it's incredible to witness and assist with.  Why?  Because the spiritual experience is sacred and subjective- and they need the subject of their love to be present to receive the experience directly.  Receiving the experience second hand waters it down a little bit more each time and it just doesn't give the lasting lift it's meant to give.

If we get to be the lucky receivers of that direct knowing of LOVE, of sacred experience, then we need to contain our experiences within our own heart as much as possible, because they are sacred.  We can share the experience, but limiting to whom we share it with is very important to maintaining the gift of the experience.   It really is a "you weren't there, you don't understand" kind of thing.

This doesn't just apply to mediumship- it applies to all spiritual experiences.  It's between you and God- period.

So resist the urge to tell too much, to try to convince, or to gain attention from your sharing or you just may find the gift is no longer there and doubt has filled it's spot.


  1. You are a wise woman Martina.

  2. I love this post, Martina! When my daughter was little she would try to put into words this feeling she had about "knowing I was supposed to be in this body", but she could never find the right ones. Eventually she stopped talking about it because she said that doing so diminished the feeling and she didn't want to lose it. I think it's only natural to want to share the love, joy and energy that accompanies spiritual experiences, even when no one else gets it. But I also agree there's more strength in it when it remains between you and God.

    1. Thanks Lola- what a wise daughter you must have.


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