Guardian Angels

As a psychic medium, I spend my work days hanging out on the other side a lot.  (Funny side note, my office is actually on the "other side" of my home, so I frequently say, "I'm going to hang out on the OTHER SIDE NOW", when I head over to my work. )  So, because I'm always bobbing my energy in the upper realms it's important to ground and be in my physical reality when I'm not working.

Today however, I decided to go for a stroll in heaven.  When I entered the white light it began vibrating and lifting me, a favorite sensation of mine.  I immediately saw two men approaching me.  They were fuzzy but the man out front was clearest of all.  He reminded me of my Aunt Beth a little, and so when he said, "hello cookie" I knew he was my maternal grandfather.  He was dressed in blue jeans and a nice blue and white plaid shirt and he looked about 27 years old- not how he looked when he passed I'm certain.

He shook my hand warmly because he could see the "who are you" look on my face, and because he died when I was only a few months old.  His eyes were dark and kind but it was the gentleman beside him I was drawn to.  

I thought the thoughts, "Who's this with you" and Immediately I saw the face of my Uncle Jim (the photo above) smiling at me.  Uncle Jim died this year, Mar. 27 of heart failure and he was one of my favorite uncles. Even though I rarely got to see or spend time with him, I knew he loved me.  In his will he even left me a fat little wooden buddha statue, showing me that he understood me well.  

He stepped forward and said, "Hi Tina" and grabbed me  in a big bear hug.  At this point the emotion of love was overwhelming for me and I struggled to hold the connection to him as I cried.

"I was with Logan in the plane", he said.  "Tell him, Uncle Jim's got your back" he said and winked at me.  I completely started to cry at this point and started sending "thank you thank you thank you" to him over and over as I let go and opened my eyes.  The emotion was just a little too much for me to stay in the connection.  But I felt the love and acknowledgement come back with me.

My son Logan, who loves to fly, was recently in a plane accident.  A huge crane hit his plane.  The chances of it happening are very very rare and the chances of surviving it rare as well.  The bird hit in "just the right spot" according to the mechanic and the insurance man.  Both, kept shaking their heads as they looked at the mutilated wing saying, "what lucky guy he is".  

We knew better in our house.  We knew he was being watched over and it wasn't his time to go home to heaven.  And now we know, he has an extra Guardian Angel named Jim watching over him.

I love you Uncle Jim.


  1. love this, my sister in law and I were just sending messages to each other about angels when I came upon this, interesting!

  2. WOW...that is soooo cool. Thanks for sharing this.

  3. It is so comforting to feel their love and caring pass into us. sandy white


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