The Sound of Silence & Soul

Meditation's Gift

Today I choose to listen.
I choose to sit quietly with myself and to open.
To stop running to the phone as sounds it's tiny alarms, 
pulling me from my Peace, or the
computer that hums a song of wasting time.

Today I choose to listen,
to the voice that remembers why 
and what my Soul wants to share.

Today I choose to listen.
There's a voice weeping softly deep in my belly, 
that I will not hear when I am moving
and rushing to "get it done".

Today I choose to listen
to her wanting and her tenderness, 
which reveals my deepest self.

Today I choose to listen,
to LOVE as it whispers
words of healing, and kindness to my heart.

Today I choose to listen,
and KNOW my own essence
as beauty and fire and water.

What is your Soul asking for you to hear?
Only the Silence can show you.


  1. I really needed this thank you.

  2. Thank you for reminding me to quite the chaos of daily life & listen to that peaceful little voice inside me. I truly appreciate this! I could really use this today.

  3. You have expressed your feelings very nicely. I really liked it.


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