The Myth of Earth Bound Spirits

The Myth of Earth Bound Spirits

If you have ever caught a glimpse of some of the new medium/ghost shows on television, you are bound to run across one of them proclaiming the idea of a spirit being "stuck" here on Earth.
I have NEVER run across a "stuck" spirit in all my 15 years of doing healing & mediumship work- NEVER.  Although, this is what my teacher taught me & I believed in this idea for awhile- I could never really find proof of it.   

And now, I know the idea that a spirit can get lost on their way to the light, or can be denied entry by their own confusion is false.  What pain this idea causes those left behind!   To think not only their son may have committed suicide in an act of pain, but that he also isn't receiving relief and love because he's stuck here by the regret.  Or that dad is disappointed and hurting because we didn't take him to the doctor right away and he ended up dying.

What I have run across is spirits who want to offer comfort to their loved ones left behind, spirits who are remorseful by their actions- but not held back by them.  They are pleased to be able to offer the message of "I'm so sorry" but even if that message isn't given- they are still in a place of comfort, peace and awareness.  

Think of it this way: when you die, you let go of "who you think you are" and you return to "who you really are".  This means all the bullshit and lies you believed about yourself and your life- gets cleared up right away- you recognize it as bullshit and lies.  What an incredible relief it must be to feel that!  You feel compassion for yourself- you see why and how you got to the place in your life that caused you to act the way you did- whether it was harming yourself or harming another.  And in that awareness, you feel compassion for all those who were effected by your actions- including yourself.  

Compassion is not the same as Guilt- not even close. 
Compassion holds all parties in understanding, innocence and love.
How can one remain burdened by Guilt when one understands that they did what they did because they believed what wasn't true about themselves or others?
So forgiveness of self and forgiveness of all others is an immediate experience in Heaven.

So what are all these shows on tv picking up on?
I believe it's psychic energy & residual energy or they are picking up on a legitimate spirit whose crossed and communicating.  
We make the choice to be afraid of this or not, or to interpret this energy as bad intent or not.
Unfortunately, I feel many of these shows are promoting fear instead of deeper understanding and peace about the afterlife.

What is psychic energy?  Emotional energy- meaning when a lot of emotions are released in a particular area by living beings- they are left behind like garbage. That garbage can pile up and mediums/sensitives can pick up on it and personalize it as a "living thing" with mal intent.  

What is residual energy?  Thought energy & Action energy- meaning when a thought or action was repeated in a certain area- over time, it can build up and be detected by a sensitive in that area.  Again, nothing that can harm but may feel "icky" because of it's original vibration.

Our brains are powerful manipulator's of energy.  I have found myself "afraid" on many occasions as my imagination conjured up all kinds of ideas and feelings about the energies I was sensing or feeling.  I have learned to "get clear with LOVE" now- and this reminds me that LOVE is the only reality there is- everything else is a product of our thinking and is just an illusion.  This is what happens with psychic children- they perceive energy/spirits and their conscious mind interferes and throws up all kinds of scary ideas and fears about it.  Usually the younger a child is, the less afraid they are of the energies they are communicating with.  

Nothing and no one is denied the light when they pass- some may choose to spend more of their time here with us and so it seems they are lingering- but it is more out of compassion for the grief they know we are experiencing and there desire to help us move forward.  

The other thing I know for certain is that the LIGHT demands nothing of the spirit because it is LOVE.  So, if the spirit chooses not to cross into that light, the light will remain open and present to them.  The door doesn't close and no one is forced through it.  So no one is "stuck" here or "forced to remain".  However, I believe that some spirits may simply want a few moments of check in before walking through that door.  This for me has been verified by the recounting of so many Near Death Experiences- and not on my own personal experiences. (I haven't died yet)

My own personal experiences through mediumship, have shown me that life moves forward upon our death, no matter what we did or felt here- forward into the light of the Soul immediately upon our passing.  

Our Ego no longer influences us and we are FREE to KNOW LOVE completely and totally.

Hope this gave you some clarity and most of all Peace.


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