There is Nothing Wrong with You

I found this wonderful young lady who has done as I desire to do- brought her art to others to inspire them and remind them of their inherent value.

Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!

While watching this video I felt mesmerized by the flow of the paints and the ease of the process for her. As I sat with this, I reflected on how the title "there is nothing wrong with you" is also reflected in her creating freely and without reservation- just letting it happen, no mistakes.

I asked myself, how much more enjoyable could my life be if I lived it the same way? Knowing I cannot make a mistake. Knowing that if I "do" or "say" something that doesn't look and feel pretty to me, I can offer another color, or perspective and transform it with love into something deeper, something beautiful.

I can apologize and create something new, something more honest and honoring.

But to keep moving forward, to keep painting, coloring my world, I must remember "there is nothing wrong with me" and the colors of my life will express the beauty I already am.


  1. I am utterly taken with this gal! I've watched several of her videos, and the beauty of her soul just shines outward -- she's quite something (as are you ;). Thanks so much for bringing her into our sphere!

  2. She's got 70 videos to watch- I can't wait!!


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