The Push to Grow

Recently I read an article entitled: A Universal Imperative- Grow or Die.
It spoke about a truth- That all living things are either in a state of growing or dying. There is no middle ground.

When we stop growing in our lives, pushing ourselves to try new things, to do something differently than we usually do it, a part of us begins to slowly die.
At the same time within all of us there is a counter force- a desire for sameness, safety, and the familiar to give us comfort.
I have found it a challenge to walk between these two flowing energies and to find a healthy balance. Growing too fast, aka- constant changes, is also not healthy for my spirit. Sitting around doing the same old same old for too long feels icky too.

I recently worked with a Stage IV Cancer patient. We discussed this concept of growing or dying and I asked her how much of her life was built around creating safety and how much of her life was about taking risks and trying new things. I am sure you can guess from her situation which side of the equation she was rooted into.

To stop growing is to stop living- and the Soul yearns for aliveness. This is an inherent aliveness and is true for us physically, emotionally and spiritually. Whatever does not grow, change and expand, must die- our relationships, careers, and concepts of life and God. All must change, expand, or fade away.

How do we ensure that our lives keep growing? My suggestions for my client were:
1. Do something you've never done before everyday- even if it's a simple as taking a new way home from the grocery store.
2. Take a risk that creates adrenaline once a week- such as walking up to a stranger and introducing yourself or better yet, skydiving. Taking a huge risk can help propel the energy very quickly back to the side of LIVING ENERGY vs. Dying.
3. Monthly: Travel to a new place, meet a new friend, join a new group, try a new physical skill
4. Have great sex- with yourself or your partner making sure you orgasm. A rush of aliveness is fantastic for the body. And if you are brave enough- try new things in this area of your life too.

All of these things I practice in my life. They have all helped me to feel more alive. I encouraged her to "find the edge" in her life- The place where you feel excitement and a little fear about what is to come, based on the actions you are taking in the NOW.

Let go and Leap in- and LIFE will return to you in this world or a new one.


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