Ask for help, ask for help, ask for help

No matter how many times I say this to myself, it seems to be my last resort- to ask for help. Why???

Am I just a stubborn ass? Yes, my darling, I am. I want to do it all myself. I don't want help, until of course I do. And then, I'm usually screaming and stomping for it :)

My mother tells me a story about a 2 year old Martina on her first day of Daycare, insisting that her mother stay in the car, that "she could do it by herself". My mother watched as I marched up to the door of the church daycare and smiled while I jumped up and down trying to reach the door handle, to no avail. Eventually, I turned around and stomped my feet, hands on hips, and shouted for her help. Ugh.... it continues to this day, I admit.

Life is so much easier when I do ask for help. No shit, right? In fact, I think I've convinced myself, I'm pretty darn good at asking for help until I find myself irritated and snapping at everyone because "nobody's helping me!"

Usually when these words come out of my mouth I hear an inner bell... and it says "Duh! Did you even ask?"

I am reminded that not only can I ask for physical help from family, friends, clients, etc. but also spiritual help from my guides, loved ones, etc. It is most certainly an underused privilege of mine- and I am determined to master the skill of using it!

I asked the Universe for help in planning a new Art camp I want to create: Creative Soul Camp & voila! while I was too busy to start my "to do" list for it- the Universe took charge. A retreat center was suggested to me by a friend and another friend asked if she could "intern" with me for FREE as a event planner! OMG I love when this stuff works!!! (I'm laughing at myself right now)

Last night I came home exhausted from a day at work, drooling at the spot on the couch my butt is best friends with. My husband was there working away in the kitchen doing the dishes. Wow- porn for me. Thank you thank you thank you.


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