Best Friends & Lollipops

What can I say, I have GREAT friends. One of whom decided to get me to play hooky from my life recently and tempted me with a lollipop! Not just any lollipop, but a pink lollipop made of cake and icing, with tiny sprinkles of love.

I love every bit of that sweet little treat- and I do mean the friend, not just the lollipop. To have those in my life who know how to spoil and cherish me, to encourage me to say yes to play and silliness, these are the treasures I keep near to my heart.

Today, I simply say thank you- to all of you who have made me laugh, let me be me, enjoyed my stupid jokes, and encouraged me to give you more. I love you and treasure you. You are my true lollipops in life.

Consider yourself licked! LOL.


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