The Dance of Imperfection

I am imperfect and I celebrate this.
I start things and don't always finish them.
I let my laundry pile up and I just shove it aside.
I lose my temper.
I have a double chin that I really don't like.
I use the word stupid way too often.
I gossip.
I can be very judgmental.
I don't give a shit about diets or looking like I "should"
I overeat often.
I only brush my teeth once a day.
I watch a soap opera and like it.
I can be selfish.
I love to lay around and do nothing when I have things that need to be done.
I can blame others for my own unhappiness.

Thank you Brene Brown for the book: The Gift of Imperfection & Dani Sutliff for recommending it!


  1. I love this & love Brene Brown and her books {thank you for sharing your imperfections so openly!}...Be sure and watch Brene Brown's PBS Special this Saturday 3/12 on Milwaukee Public TV at 8:30 a.m.

  2. Your imperfections are about the same as mine, except the dbl chin thats a heredity thing! I wish I didnt have any imperfections, but then that would make me PERFECT! So I have a few.... Nice blog, you are kinda stuck on 2,


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