Melting is good for you...

I'm melting today. You know the feeling, when your body goes all soft and tired and you feel like a wet noodle just pulled out of hot water. Yep, that's how I feel.
My essence is leaking out all over the house and it's looking like someone else will have to do the clean up- LOL, cause there's not much of me left but ooze and I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT.

Do you ever get to the point where your body takes over and says, "that's it, lights off- you're done my dear."? It seems I think my tank can run on empty and even when the vapors are evaporating I try for just a wee bit more- then..... I melt.

I know some of you are gasping, "my how unhealthy" and "you should stop sooner", but my lovelies, I've learned it's how I work. And, it works really really good for me. In fact, when I try to do it the other way, taking frequent breaks, etc. I just don't thrive. I LOVE GOING FULL ON and FULL OFF. And, I'm not gonna fight it anymore. You just can't get to that place of total let go if you don't give life your everything, everyday.

So, knowing myself as well as I do, I'll not fight it anymore, I'll just melt. Ahhhhh.... oozing out onto the couch, nothing to be, nowhere I have to go. Yum, it tastes good this lazy daisy-ness. No guilt, just letting go.

I love that my body is healthy and can go, go, go and then melt into stillness. Not sleeping, mind you, RESTING, MELTING INTO Blissful no-doingness.

I've even caught up on my favorite soap opera today, and can see after 6 months, I haven't missed a thing. Sammy still doesn't know her husband is a fake and Chloe's still crazy.... I guess some other things thrive on stillness too.


  1. Love this and its so great that it happens to someone else. Tho I also watch Sammy and that's my escape from my Mr Toads Wild


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