Ferris Wheel of Life

Life is a ferris wheel.

It goes around and around, up to the top, down to the bottom- where one day we choose to get the hell off. Sometimes the circle flows slowly and lingers at the top, feeling spectacular and fulfilling. And other times, it's f***ing nauseating and feels like the guy running the machine has lost his marbles.

Some days I sit back and wonder- is my life just stuck in high gear?

I am a perfectly sane, deeply aware and grounded individual, but the chaos around me is almost too much to bear at times. Yet, I'm sticking it out, cause I like that view from the top. Might even admit I'm addicted to it.

I love the moments after hell has broken loose, faith was held, truth was spoken and feet were planted firmly in who I am, that I find peace and a deep quiet sense of "see everything does work out for the better". AKA- the View is Great from UP HERE.  Today I'm in that place.

The wheel's been spinning fast these last few months. I've definitely had to use my "barf bag" option. With white knuckles gripping the handrail and screaming at the Universe "ENOUGH!" on the down swings- I've made it through a sickening ride.

So maybe my hair looks like I was attacked by horny crows and I almost shit myself once or twice- but I made it through, I f***ing made it through.

Now, just say a prayer the guy running the show will go eat lunch and I can get a break.....


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