Personal Manifesto

Thank you Queen Dani, my bff, for the awesome workshop on becoming a sovereign woman.

My favorite part, which honestly required the work of all the weeks before it, was writing the personal manifesto to and for myself.

To read it daily has been an attunement, an alignment with my true self.  To know the words are my own and come directly from my own heart and my own life experiences have made it incredibly effective in comforting and encouraging me to keep embracing my life.

Respect yourself. Only say YES when you really mean it. Remember who you really are and what you are worth.  Be authentic.  Apologize when you make a mistake.  Honor your agreements as long as they honor you.  Remind yourself everyday of what matters to you.  Never give up on your dreams.  Allow change.  Give freely of yourself.  Don’t hold back, SPARKLE BIG.
Receive.  Give. 
Be patient with yourself.
See Beauty in yourself and all others, even if you have to look deeply to see it.
Be Willing to Forgive.
Be Kind to all of life.  Honor the Earth.
Be open minded.
Keep Learning.  Keep Teaching.
Taste everything.
Make Love often. Open up to being seen & loved.
Cry openly and often.
Rejoice in goodness.  Stand up for Fairness.
Keep Grounded in Truth.  Speak what you know to be true.  Listen and make room for the truth of others.  Be open to changing your truth. 
Challenge Repression.
Rest often. Play everyday. Create Freely.
Radiate Joy with wild abandon.
Embrace your humanity.
Love the way you want to be loved.
Never forget life is temporary.


  1. I love this!! It is so you - what you live and what you teach. Beautiful. Beauty full and beauty filled. Like you> :-)


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