Shake it Baby!

I recently purchased a new exercise video series due to so many recommendations by some  skinny bitches  friends of mine.  It's called Zumba, and yeah I know, it's been out in the world market a long time now. My body, however,  was just recently shaken silly  introduced to it.

Holy smokes and hell fire- it's hard!  "It's so fun! You'll love it!" they all said.  Define fun please.
I should have asked.
If watching yourself and your sagging breasts bounce around like your ass has been disjointed and you're trying to seduce the tv- then yes, it's fun. 
My arrogance, oh my old smart ass self, said no problemo when I bought it.  I used to be a dancer, this is gonna be easy peasy.
Popped it in and find myself heaving and panting with sweat stinging my eyes and that was only after watching the "how to" beginners tape.  Shit.
After flushing my stuck up self down the toilet, I looked in the mirror and said, "Girl where did your youth go?" at which point my stuck up self's head popped up out of the toilet and said, "down here with me".


  1. I am so with you Martina. They have Zumba Gold at West Wood. Maybe I could handle that. Average age 60 years of age. I hope I can keep up. :-) Janet


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