Forgiveness and Humility

Tonight I was touched by Love.
I realized I have been angry about a lot of things I haven't allowed myself to even deal with and this has led to some harsh behaviors on my part.  Yuck, yuck, and ouch.
While I do not feel shame, because I truly love myself and know I'm doing the best I can, I do feel remorse- Remorse for not having allowed myself to be more patient and let my steam cool down before I responded.
Because I didn't wait, I burned two people who didn't really deserve my fire-y words.

As I sat down tonight, became still and relaxed a familiar voice came forward.  It melted my ice and opened my heart and healed my thoughts.  I let go of my anger which served as a wall guarding my heart.  I opened my eyes and saw the innocence of the two women I mistreated.  I cried and I woke up- to myself, to love.

I am human. My life constantly reminds me.  I am love. My life constantly reminds me.
I asked for forgiveness and in the asking alone I am already whole.

Thank you God for loving me.  Thank you for your gentleness and for not pushing me to move forward before I was ready.  My heart is full with gratefulness.


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