Don't Settle for Small Fish

One of my hobbies is to study scripture and find the deeper meaning of it- the hidden teaching that only my own soul can point out to me. Lately I've been exploring the Gospel of Thomas (which is a Gnostic Scripture- my favorites!)
This morning I woke and read this awesome but simple and profound truth:
And Jesus said:  Man is like a wise fisherman, who cast his net in the sea and drew it out of the sea when it was full of little fishes.  Among them the wise fisherman found a large good fish.  He cast all the little fishes down into the sea.  He selected the large fish without difficulty.  He who has ears to hear, let him hear.
Well, Soul of Mine, mine ears are ringing with understanding.
Toss back the small fishes- aka let go of the small ideas that only slightly nourish your spirit and go for the "large good fish" that you know will fill and satisfy you.
I love that it also says, " He selected the large fish without difficulty"- which for me means- It was right there in front of his face- easy to spot if he was willing to see it.

I've been slightly struggling with letting go of offering crossing over readings for a month now- it feels like small fish to me.  It no longer offers me the fulfillment and satisfaction- in fact in never really did.  I would have to honestly admit I offered the service all these years because I felt like I SHOULD (cringing). I always got second hand joy from it- receiving satisfaction only from the joy it gave others.  Some may see it as selfish to want first hand joy- but I know better.  I deserve it and so does everyone else.  To me, JOY is the big fish :)

I am a big advocate of doing what brings you joy- not what brings you guilt if you don't do it.

So, today, in prayer and humility I asked my Soul to remind me of my strength to let go.  To let go of all the small fishes in my life that drain my energies and rob me of the time I want for other things- like art and teaching and loving and encouraging others to Sparkle.

I can taste that fish already.....


  1. Oh so true, let go of the small problems and just deal with the BIG ones. God will help you with them if you just ask.

  2. Martina, you are on of my GREATEST teachers! You have taught me to enjoy being in the moment and feel, FULLY, all that can be absorbed. When that goal feels met and satisfied, it is time to move on to bigger fish :)

  3. Robynne- I'm so proud of you for going for the bigger fish!!


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