Mirror Mirror on the Wall

My Poem:

As I looked into the mirror,
I was gently surprised by the kindness looking back.
"How lovely you look today", said the eyes smiling at me.
As I peered deeper,
the kindness drew me into deep caressing waves,
comfortable and understanding-
a lifetime of pushing self away and pulling self back.
The cruel game is over,
this much is clear.
The eyes say it all.
I am loved.

I am only 41 years old and I really really like myself.  I do believe this is like finishing the race early.
I meet so many faces each day and I see the doubt, and self hatred splintered inside calling out to be loved.  "I've been there", I am reminded.  And I say a silent prayer.

I am blessed by own courageousness- I never gave up on loving me, no matter how scared I became at the pits of loneliness I found in my own heart and the mountains of neediness I discovered deep in my belly.  I never gave up on me.

There were times I wanted to run- as I came face to face with my own anger and I knew she was going to kick my ass.  But, I didn't.  I stayed put, planted my feet, opened my arms and said, "I'm not leaving".

Over time, I began to believe myself.  I let the love creep in, and clean out and heal.

I was worth it and so are you. 


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