A New Year's Thought on 2012

I have been waiting for the year 2012 for more years than I can remember.  This long awaited time of prophecy and world changes has been a motivator for me in many ways.

I cannot profess to know (and I think no one truly knows) what this time will bring for our planet and our spiritual consciousness.  But I do know what I long for and what my prayers are filled with- PEACE and the REMEMBERING OF OUR DIVINE NATURE.

The fact is, even with all the mayan prophecy hype, the end times stories that fill the internet and many churches across our nation- we cannot know what is to come.  But, we can take advantage of the momentum of change that permeates the consciousness of so many, and use it to our advantage.  We can live BIG and live HAPPY.  We can Give our Full SELF to the world.

I have decided to live with the greatest integrity I can this year- to live like I was dying- as the famous country song proclaims.   I will make each day matter.  I will love as deeply as I can.  I will Share my light and wisdom in every opportunity that presents itself.  I will smile at myself in the mirror each day and remember to say "I Love YOU" to the face looking back.  I will take the time to play, to drink margaritas with my husband and play my mandolin while belting out my favorite songs, and to laugh at my humanness more than not.

I will be kind to my children and touch them with gentleness at least once a day.
I will break rules that need breaking and challenge shame in every moment.
I will not hide myself from anyone- I will let my light be seen by anyone who is willing to witness it.
I will fall more deeply in love with my Creator and I will show this love in my actions towards others.

I hope in my heart that I am sitting as I sit now, in Jan. of 2013, with a smile on my face and a warmth in my heart for the whole last year of my life- whatever the cycles of life bring my way.

2012 Bring it on...


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