Seems yesterday's blog brought up some interesting feelings for some of you.... and for those of you who shared I thank you :)  Some LOVED it and some were triggered by it.  So thank you for the emails/comments as It helps me to communicate more clearly and also to recognize the impact I can offer.

So, I wanted to clarify (and I did add an addendum to yesterday's blog):

I'm not saying it's "bad" to do the reading of books, attend groups, etc.- those things can and do offer us great joy.  What I'm saying is that to release the NEED for those things is so empowering and Peace bringing- To have the PEACE within because you know what is best for you- and always will and you need no one else to make it true for you.

Hope this clarifies for those of you who felt slightly wounded by the idea of being judged or imagined that I was judging those of you who do.  While I have had my share of judgmental moments in my life- this is not one of them.  How can I judge what helped me find the greatest gift of myself? I cannot and do not.

I appreciate my journey, every book I read and every group I attended as they helped show me myself.  But in some ways I recognize it was like an addiction- it was a need that robbed me of peace.  It is an addiction I see many clients struggling with- even coming to me for their truth instead of within themselves. And of course, my role is to point you back to yourself ;) 

So my blog yesterday was to celebrate that now, I am so happy to say, I just no longer need those books or groups to feel Peace. And I wish for you that same peace- I truly do.

And, as I love to challenge you (and those of you who have sat in my counseling room will attest to this), if you felt judged or offended by my blog- I just gave you a gift. Open it. 

Look inside and ask what truth might be asking for your attention.  And without shame, be with it and love it.  Are you in any way addicted to external truth?  Do you feel deep trust in your self and knowing what is best for you or do you feel like someone outside of you knows it better?

In Peace.


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