Is that a Light at the end of the tunnel?

I love my job.  What's not to love about encouraging others to love themselves, reminding them that God is within them and challenging them to give into their heart's desire?

The truth is, in order to get someone to that understanding you have to walk with them through what's holding them back or hurting their heart so deeply they feel they cannot possibly heal.  And this, my friends, is challenging.

It's challenging to hear about the loss of a sweet baby, to hear about someone going through a divorce, or someone who just lost their job and their husband in the same week- really challenging.

But, I do it anyway.  Why?  Because I know without a doubt, things always get better and our deepest losses can guide us to our greatest joys.  I know because I've walked through my own losses and found God and myself in that pain- sometimes after digging through some knee deep sh*t for so long I was ready to quit.  But that light at the end of the tunnel always, always, always showed up and guided me home to happiness.

It's unrealistic to expect happiness 100% of the time.  But it isn't unrealistic to have PEACE.  Peace, I have found, comes with the acceptance we offer ourselves and our life through each moment.  An acceptance and a knowing that, "this too shall pass" and all is flowing as it is meant to flow and I CAN TRUST THIS- even though I don't like it.  With Peace, you can look deeper at what you are experiencing instead of trying to run and hide from it.  It is in staying with your pain and looking for the understanding that you will see that light.  It'll come. It always does.  When you calm down, stay present and love yourself it breaks through.

So, if your up to your knees today in life's muck and pain. Stop, breathe and let the understanding come.

And, ask yourself this question.  Who am I becoming from all this challenge- that only this challenge could bring out in me?  And give yourself some Peace in knowing the answer is there in your heart.


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