Sheep in Wolf's clothing....

Sheep in Wolf's Clothing

I've been doing some deep clearing work on myself lately. I found a new technique for "deep cleaning" the auric field (The Healing Codes) and it's bringing up some interesting memories and images for me to explore.  For me it's been a spiritual, emotional and mental detox that then moves through the cellular detox of my body- so I'm feeling like I have a touch of the flu most evenings.  I recognize this as a healing response; a sign that things are getting cleared & It feels great to let it all go.

This morning as I was in meditation and letting the images of forgiveness move through me, I heard the voice of my guide speak to me.  I've been working with a new Spirit Guide, since my longtime dear friend and guide Red Eagle introduced and "handed me off" to her. Her name is Anne (Annie to me) and today she presented me with this image/idea to contemplate.  

"If you see someone behaving in a way that seems cruel, or you feel someone's out to hurt you, just remember your only seeing a distorted perception of the moment- not the actual truth.  
In reality, It's a sheep in wolf's clothing. The lamb who actually believes it is the wolf."

My mind laughed, because we are taught to beware of Wolves in Sheep's clothing- not vice versa.  But as she said it I understood.  She was speaking of the Universal Truth that everyone of us has the essence of Goodness/Godness within us- our Innocence can not be changed by lies.  It can be hidden, especially from us, but not taken away.  

Even the most wicked, nasty and hateful person we can think of, didn't come into this world that way.  Life can kick a person's ass and can kick it hard enough to make a lamb act and believe like a wolf.

I know it's hard, really hard, to see the lamb in others sometimes- but it is there.  It is the part of them that wants and has always wanted to be loved, to be cherished and encouraged by this world.  Everyone of us came here on purpose and everyone of us came here wanting to help the greater good- no matter how our lives turned out and unfortunately how sloppily or cruelly we handled another's heart.

"So, remember the lamb in everyone", she told me. "Remember it for them when they cannot remember it for themselves.  Start by remembering it in you as well.  Then refuse to see the wolf as truth- see it only for what it is- Layers of pain, hurt, lies, and betrayal that a person is carrying around, believing it to be who they really are.  Always look deeper, and love the lamb inside them.  Throw out a life line to that innocence hidden from view and keep your heart focused on that truth."  

I thought it was such a beautiful message.  And, I can say, even though I really really miss Red Eagle, I am liking what and how this beautiful soul is teaching me.  


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