Note to Self.... You is Kind, You is Smart, You is Important

Everyone needs someone to tell them the truth- and only love is the truth.  And, everyone needs someone to speak that truth back to them.  But what do you do when no one shows up to play that role for you?  You become it for yourself!

I came across a new show (on CBS news- link is at bottom of post) entitled Note to Self by Maya Angelou, one of my spiritual mentors in this life.  And I was immediately touched and inspired by the idea of writing a letter to my teenage self from the view point of my life now.

What would I tell myself?
How could I validate and still step back and let that part of me go through her dark night of the soul?
All questions I pondered deeply in my meditation this am.

As weird as it seemed to me when I first discovered the idea of "no time & all time" in quantum physics- meaning to me (bear with my non-scientific explanation) that the past, present and future all exist right NOW and what we are experiencing really has to do with where our Ego has focused our attention in this moment.  This idea has helped me to embrace that healing is always available right NOW.  I can focus my attention on my past experiences and heal them in this moment.  I can reach back and offer to myself what I couldn't offer to myself then.

I like this idea!  It's one I have used for years, doing inner child work with my clients and having them focus on giving to themselves and creating for themselves what they were yearning to know and have "back then".

So here is what I discovered my teenage self needed to hear.

Note to Teenage Self:  My Dear Brave Girl,  You really are not alone.  I know you feel that way as hundreds of other teens swarm around you and past you every single day.  Take a moment and breath from time to time- in that breath you will feel your strength, your peace- it's always always there.  Remind yourself "this too shall pass" whenever the moment takes hold of you and you feel as if you may drown in your hurt.  And know that everything you go through has a purpose and is shaping you into your true self, which is kind and courageous and loved.  It's ok to pause and to walk away if you need to- just don't stay away.  Come back and face the music when you are ready and remember you never ever face it alone.  The world is a better place because you are here and there is nothing that you have to do or be but yourself. 

As I re-read this letter (at least 3 times or 7) I found it touching small aches and pains that I feel even now in my life.  How peculiar.... seems I still need to hear those things even now.  So I wonder if those words (go down the rabbit hole with me now) may have even been from my future self- my higher self who is whole and one with God and writing a letter to my 41 year old self........ hmmmm I could ponder that for a few eternities.

To leave you with this thought, "what do I wish someone would tell me today?"  and to suggest you take the time to simply connect with that sweet struggling self of 15, 16, 18, 41 and offer them the reassurance that only you can give.  Then bring it forward and read it aloud to your current adult self.

Hoping you have your "aha" moment too.


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