Rest Your Wings

Rest Your Wings My Lovely Soul
Today I made my big cup of strong coffee and poured it into my favorite bright red rooster mug with sunflowers painted inside and sat down to create this beautiful piece of art.  I was inspired by a blog I read and an image I saw by Melody Ross this weekend about Resting.

On Friday I had sat down and done my morning meditation and drew a guidance card for myself as I love to do most days- and the card I drew was REST.  I frowned when I saw it, thinking "why? I feel pretty rested already..."  Then I saw Melody's blog and I remembered that, like Melody, I love my work and can find myself submersed in it 7 days a week.  It rarely feels like work to me, seeing clients and working on my class materials and web promotions. I love it all, however..... my soul knows I burn out easily.

I am reminded of my teenage daughter who ran out of gas twice in one month, stalled out on the side of the road, crying and upset because she couldn't figure out what was wrong with her car- never thinking to check that darned old gas gauge.  Both times my husband patiently filled up the gas can, drove out to get her, filled it up and showed her the miracle of automotive engineering.  She is a very blessed little girl though, because "magic gas" now finds it's way into her tank on occasion...  she has a daddy angel watching over her.  She is learning- learning to pay attention to the little indicators and to not get so caught up in the whirlwind of her life that she forgets the basics.

She gets it from me.  Y'up I'm guilty indeed of forgetting to pay attention to the little cues my body and my life try to give me that I need to slow down and refuel.  So, when I drew the guidance card, and then when I was directed to Melody's blog- I stopped and asked myself, "what's the harm in resting this weekend?"

So I did- in my own way.

I downloaded a new Sookie Stackhouse book, painted a birdhouse, took long naps, went out to dinner, cuddled with my hubby, watched "no brainer" television, took slow deep breathing walks, sat on my back porch, stared at the rain and created this beautiful art work to remind me of it all.  

That's resting for me.  Not laying on a pile of pillows for two days, but more of a not thinking about "shoulds" and just doing whatever I feel in the moment like being and leaving all work activities out of it.  
Even though I did lay around in bed a lot and my butt sure enjoyed the couch for a few hours and.......  
my wings feel much much better.



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