Strengthen your Strengths not your Weaknesses

The Fire Starter Sessions

Have you heard of this book?  Have you been blessed enough to have even seen Danielle LaPorte on video?

Well, I was introduced to her just yesterday by one of my dearest friends and already she has lit a fire in my heart, which I shared with my husband this morning.  We are both on FIRE inside again- for life, for change, for expansion into what could be.

"Strengthen your Strengths not your weaknesses" she says.  "Your strengths are the things that strengthen you and your weaknesses are the things that weaken you"...... Those things that make you feel alive, joy, etc.- those are what you want to put your focus and attention on expanding- not on the things that drain you, bore you or feel like a burden.

Hmmm, what an awesome concept!  I was taught, like most people I know, to be well-rounded.  To work on your weaknesses and put time, effort and energy into making them stronger skills.  Which, like most people, I never enjoyed doing.  In fact felt obligated and burdened by them.

Like doing aerobics, writing essays, keeping up on my laundry, math, keeping up on current events in the world, eating only healthy foods, doing finances, politics..... the list goes on.

What if I could let go of improving myself in these areas- didn't waste another minute trying to be better at them- oh how much energy could I free up for what I love to do?

I love your style Danielle LaPorte  it reminds me of myself, of my potential, and also reminds me of who I could be if I put my whole heart into it.  Thank you for stoking the fire in me to get back on track- to do only what I love to do and to put all of my focus on creating my dreams.  Not just doing what I'm good at, but doing what strengthens me, what makes me feel GREAT.

I will no longer settle for Good- when I know my potential is GREATNESS.

I will let go of the whole idea of balance and well roundedness and see them for the traps they are.  I was not created to fit into an "image" or "idea" of either one of these.  I was created to be excellent at being me.  And only I can know how that's done.

Deepak Chopra says, "Your opinion of Me is none of My business".  I love that.  It's like a KEEP OUT sign on my head to others.

In Danielle's book she quotes Johnny Cash (one of my favorite people).

He says, "I found out there weren't too many limitations if I did it my way."

So, It's time to take little time to get clear again.  To bring clarity to my path and where I am headed.  It feels pretty solid already and I feel very easily what I want.  I just sometimes stop and look around, feeling a little doubt about being on the "best" path for me.  Those are good moments because they help me clear the clutter blocking my way or to turn another direction entirely.

I hope perhaps these words have lit a spark in your own heart today to refocus yourself and your energy on what makes you happy, what makes you sparkle inside.  And, when you have time, check out The Fire Starter Sessions and let it rock your world too.


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