Leaning into Spirit

There is a gentle force that contains me- that contains all of us within it's embrace.
It reminded me yesterday to "Lean in" when I wanted to feel it's calmness, safety and peace.
So as a stressful thought offered itself into my mind, I noticed it for what it was, a stressful thought.
I took a deep breath, leaned back into my own spine where I felt my truth, my strength and the presence of love, my own Soul, holding me still- to watch, to accept and to detach from the thought.

The only thing we ever have control of is our internal experience- and even that takes much awareness and practice to control.  Our mind pulls at us constantly, feeding our fears and the illusion of control.

Our mind so often leads the way with thoughts of fear, doubt, lack, anxiety and confusion- even grandiosity and separation.  And in the words of Michael Singer "We can either lean in to Self or fall."

To fall, is to try to fix those thoughts and the feelings they create by attempting to control the world outside of us.  Which is a rather backwards and ineffective approach.  We have no real power outside of ourselves and to try to create the illusion of power there only fails and worsens our anxiety and fears.
So attaching ourselves to the stressful thought, giving credit to it, allows it to pull us through all kinds of nasty crap and experiences that leave their marks upon our emotional body.

It is in these moments, where we feel pulled by fear, that we can take a deep breath and sink back into ourselves and rest.  We notice the fear, the thoughts and let them pass- they always do, like wafts of smoke that choke us at first but dissipates if we remain still and don't fan the flames around it.

What I have found by "leaning in"......
The world is in perfect divine order, there is nothing I need to control "out there"
Even though my outer image may not be "safe"- who I really am cannot be touched.
I am deeply and unconditionally loved.
It's not personal....... this has nothing to do with you

These truths feed my JOY- they feed my Peace and my Courage to be my TRUE SELF.

So, today I am reminding you to lean into your Soul. Take a few moments the next time something someone says or does "hurts" you- and don't believe the lie you are telling yourself about why they did it.  Just LEAN IN and let the truth clear your mind, heal your false belief and give you peace.

And let me promise you this.... the more you lean in, the faster you find your peace each time and the more loved you will feel.  So make it a habit, a practice starting today.

I am reminded of a song from my teenage years in my Southern Baptist Gospel community (the songs were really the only part I resonated with)- Leaning on the Everlasting Arms.
I can still hear my whole church singing and my own heart belting it out, lifting my voice to my own Soul........


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