The Voice inside my head.....

Miriam- My Spirit Helper for Mediumship
There is something that I am deeply, deeply grateful for that most people aren't even aware of in their own lives- the voices of my spirit guides.

I spend most of my days with at least one spirit beside me and sometimes 2-3.  They are constantly offering helpful hints, little jokes and ways to look at life that help me breath easier.  I LOVE these souls- Red Eagle, Annie, & Miriam.

I have never met them in the physical world.  They are not individuals from my own family who have passed.  And yet, they are deeply important to me and I love them as much as if they were.

I get asked all the time by my clients, "How do you connect with your Spirit Guide?", "Who are they?" And frequently hear, "I would LOVE to hear mine like you do".

My reply is usually, "Well then you need to spend the time with your guide like I do. You need to make the relationship valid & real and invest your time and energy into it."

I talk to my guides, sometime out loud, but usually inside my head- KNOWING that they are listening. Sometimes I will hear a thought come right back as a response and sometimes I just feel them listening.

Most people's issue I have discovered is the lack of trust, the doubt of their own worthiness of the connection and honestly, the apathy in developing a clear line of communication.  If you want it, then you have to work at it.

In all honesty, you don't have to get to know your guides.  They are perfectly happy to be silent partners on your soul journey.  But, I highly recommend it.  They are the greatest friends I've known and it's clear to me everyday why I chose them to stand beside me during this lifetime.

I created a class to help my clients begin: MEETING YOUR SPIRIT GUIDE which explains the process I use and also has a guided meditation to help you make the connection (Everyone needs a little help sometimes).

My husband frequently sees me giggle and smile out of nowhere- and he knows now it's just the voices inside my head.  He will sometimes ask, "what did they just say?" and will find himself laughing with me when I tell him.

Yesterday he came inside the house with a great big grin on his face.  He looked like someone who'd just heard great news.

"What is it?", I asked.

"I think your guides just talked to me", he said.

"Well, they'll do that", I teased.

"No really!  I was getting out of the car and I heard as clear as day in my head- Go inside the office, Martina left a candle burning."

"So, I did, without even questioning it- and sure enough you'd left the candle in the waiting room burning!"

I smiled at him and said, "Welcome to my World Sweetheart".


  1. I too am a sensitive, living close to the veil, acutely aware of truly how thin it really is. We who walk this walk know in a way others cannot how precious life truly is, and how much I cherish each moment for what it is.

    1. Don't know how I ever missed this beautiful comment Joanne! Better late than never :) Thank you for sharing this and for recognizing your own sensitivities.
      Keep giving your light and shine it bright!


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