Does Evil really exist?

This seems to be a consistent fear or worry of so many people- does evil really exist or am I opening myself up to evil when I open the door to spirit.  I did a video on my youtube channel revmartina444 that deals with opening the door to spirit- but never really addressed the topic of "evil" existing.  

This isn't a new topic to me- as I have explored many facets of this over the years doing the work that I do.  What is clear to me is that when I open the door to spirit I open the door of my heart and the realm I connect with has NO EVIL whatsoever- only LOVE.  However, in this reality, on this plane of existance, I have seen and felt and experienced forces of resistance, pain and negativity that many would consider "darkness" or "evil".  So does evil exist?  Let's ask the CREW their take on it.

Me- Guys, what's your explanation for this- Does evil really exist?

Ann- This like many other questions about your reality is a dichotomy, the answer is Yes and No.  Your consciousness exists in many levels of reality at once.  You exist here with us, in the higher realms of Spirit, while at the same time directing your focus and attention into these lower planes of existence.  The part of your awareness that is here is Spirit, the OverSoul energy, does not experience Evil of any kind- it is not real here.  There is only God in this level of awareness, only Goodness.  There is no separation - all is connected and all is Love in this state of awareness.

However, in the lower denser realities of awareness the illusion or experience of separateness can occur and also with this comes polarity of experience.  This is an intentional creation.  It is not a mistake on any level.  It was a creation of the ONE for our own exploration and play.  From our perspective here, in this level of awareness, we recognize that it is simply a realm of illusion.  And we celebrate that because of the offering of resistance and separation it provides.  Remember this realm is about the joy of transcendence- and so something must exist to overcome, to transcend.

So there are Souls, great Souls with great love, who were willing to offer their own essence into this slower vibration, this realm of illusion to create a great magnetic field of resistance.  This field creation is what allows the idea or energy of separation to exist, it is also what wipes your mind clean of your magnificence and direct knowing to the degree that you choose it to.  As we have said before, some of you, the bravest of you have descended deeper into it's energies than others and so forget more and feel more disconnected than other souls.  You did this intentionally to experience the challenge of transcendence within this more difficult level of resistance.

Within this level of resistance are also souls, who have by agreement offered to exist to offer mental and emotional resistance to the light of the ONE.  They in no way do this to offend the ONE or to attack the ONE, as many of your stories will indicate, but to offer you a greater challenge.  In order, however for them to offer this service to you, they must deeply descend into this field of separation, so much so that they can completely forget who they are and become completely aligned with the resistance of this place.

Me- Wait, what?  How will they transcend it? How do they get back to home like we do? Why would anyone choose such a thing?  That sounds awful.  

Red Eagle- Remember, a greater part of these Souls is still in the realm of Spirit and can recall this part of themselves home at anytime.  However, there is great expansion in what they are doing.  It is a great sacrifice or service to others to be willing to move into this place of great illusion and pain to be able to offer the gift of resistance to other Souls who want the journey into separation.  These are great beings of Love and Light who are willing to hold this energy for you.

Me- So you mean the bad energies are here to serve us- to offer us resistance and fear and emotional and mental pain so that we can overcome it?

Ann- Yes, exactly.  Even this "darkness" has love behind it.  Remember Martina, it is all an illusion and your greater self knows that.  It knows that you cannot be destroyed by this darkness or "evil" as many call it.  Your Soul can never be destroyed and never be disconnected from the Source of the ONE that created it.  This is impossible!  This is the ultimate reassurance that also gives these great Souls who are willing to submerge themselves into this density experience and offer this negativity to all of you the ability to do so without fear.  They know that it is a temporary false illusion and so do you.

Me- So there are energies here that are trying to interfere with our love, our happiness, our mental and emotional well being.  What many would call evil or darkness...... but they do this intentionally to actually serve the light in it's pursuit of overcoming it. Correct?

John- Do you remember the story of Job in the bible?  The man who overcame incredible loss and suffering by maintaining his faith in God?  Read it again.  In this story God actually speaks to what is called Satan and ASKS him to test Job.  Satan obeys God and throws illness, loss and poverty at Job in everyway he can while God watches.  

Frank- Sounds Sadistic doesn't it (laughing)

Me- I do rememeber and yes I also remember being kind of pissed at God for making it harder on someone and just sitting there and watching while Satan did his thing.  ( I went and looked it up again now and found this)

Book of Job

The examination of Job, Satan pours on the plagues of Job, by William Blake.
In the Book of Job, ha-Satan is a member of the Divine Council, "the sons of God" who are subservient to God. Ha-Satan, in this capacity, is many times translated as "the prosecutor", and is charged by God to tempt humans and to report back to God all who go against His decrees. At the beginning of the book, Job is a good person "who feared God and turned away from evil" (Job 1:1), and has therefore been rewarded by God. When the Divine Council meets, God informs ha-Satan about Job's blameless, morally upright character. Between Job 1:9–10 and 2:4–5, ha-Satan merely points out that God has given Job everything that a man could want, so of course Job would be loyal to God; if all Job has been given, even his health, were to be taken away from him, however, his faith would collapse. God therefore grants ha-Satan the chance to test Job.[13] Due to this, it has been interpreted that ha-Satan is under God's control and cannot act without God's permission. 

John- Well Satan was serving Job's spiritual growth by offering him these suffering experiences.  Job was a great Earth Master and his OverSoul (Greater Self) which is referred to as GOD in this passage you found wanted this experience of transcendence and someone needed to offer him the suffering to overcome.  What is an inaccurate assumption in this passage is that God was testing Job to see if he would fail so that he could punish him.  The testing was really, an opportunity that Job's own Soul was requesting.  But in these times, it was not understood the divinity and creative power endowed to one's own Soul by the ONE.  So it seems that Job and God are separate beings and they are not.... Job is the creation of his own Soul.  The incarnation formed for this purpose of exploration and transcendence.

Me- I am a little concerned, mostly from my Ego, that others will perceive this as me supporting evil but the greater part of me is more interested in truth.  So I am going to be brave and put this out there for others to read like I promised I would.  It is such a different take on things than we are taught!

Ann- There are always going to be those who condemn you Martina.  That is part of their agreement with you!  They are there to oppose you as well.  This negativity doesn't just get offered to you through invisible forms such as what you would call demons or dark spirits but also from each other!  You make agreements as well with each other to be each other's force of resistance and pain.  You agree to hurt, and harm each other so that you can have the opportunity to forgive.  The ones who hurt you the greatest are usually the Soul's you are the closest to in the realm of spirit.  I know this may be hard to believe, but that is simply because they are following through with their agreement quite successfully (she laughs). You have to love someone so deeply to be willing to take upon that place in their life- to harm them so that they can have the opportunity to transcend it.  When you return home to Spirit, all of this is revealed to you and you have a good laugh about it all.  

Red Eagle- This will be difficult for many to understand, and will evoke anger in some as well and yet it is the truth.  Love is behind all suffering.  Love endures.  Love conquers all.  And this my sweet friend is what all you beautiful brave Souls are trying to experience for yourselves.  This is what the realm of Spirit cannot offer you in the higher levels of awareness.  And so together we created this density, this illusion of suffering and pain so that LOVE could experience itself as LOVE.  

Ann- Can you recall when you have made the choice to forgive- how restored you felt? How lifted your heart was? This is Love knowing itself as Love.  It is an incredible feeling - and resistance and negativity have created the space for you to have this experience in.

Me- So, do you have any suggestions for us as to how to deal with negativity or darkness if it shows up in our lives?

Ann- yes indeed-  Do not fear it or hate it or you become it.  Love it! Surround it with love and you will transcend it while at the same time lifting the one who is offering the negativity.  It will either leave your presence or remain and be transformed by it into it's higher expression.  

If you doubt your ability to love it, then remove yourself from the situation and call upon us to surround you with our love.  We can do this for you and LOVE to do this for you.  You need never be afraid of the darkness.  It shows up to present you the opportunity to love, simply that.  So if you feel incapable of loving, call upon your angels or guides and we will surround you in a field of love that will do what your love could have done in that moment.  And then stengthen yourself, work upon your own consciousness to develop this Love within you- for the opportunity to try again will come.  You will find yourself again presented with this challenge, this darkness to overcome.  

Just rememeber, you are capable- you don't need our help, even though we will always offer it to you.  You can find the Love within you to be bigger than the energy you most fear.  You can!  And you will have as long as you need to accomplish this, without pressure or shame or any sense of failure.  

Be Love my friend.

Me- Thank you all once again, for such an enlightening reminder of Love's purpose.


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