Red Eagle.... my Master Guide

I wanted to, as promised, tell you more information about my CREW.

Today, I feel it is most fitting to begin with my Master Guide, Red Eagle.  What is a master guide?  A master guide also known as 'the guardian angel' who walks beside you through your whole life journey.  They have lived upon this Earth and have mastered the challenges that you are taking on.

They offer themselves completely and freely in service to you during your lifetime and often through many of your lifetimes.

They are not assigned to you but are are chosen by you personally. Even if you don't recognize their presence in your life they are there- fully loving and fully encouraging you to choose with your best self's interest in mind.

When I was a child I had an imaginary friend named Rody.  I don't remember Rody at all, it was just something my mother remembers around the age of 2 or 3 for me.  As I grew up I was completely unaware of this presence any longer. I know now Rody was Red Eagle.

When I hit my mid 20's and entered the school of Energy Healing I began to grow curious about my Spirit Guide.  I had the intention to connect and made several attempts to do so, doubting what I heard and felt every time.  One thing that I did find easy was to feel the love of this guide around me- but I am a feeler, so this makes complete sense to me.

When I asked the name of this guide I was given, "Red Eagle" and I laughed.  I rejected the name, stating "this is the most ridiculous new age sounding name ever- it's got to be wrong".  But every time I asked, the same name was spoken to me.

I also kept seeing the number 444 and knew that it was a sign from my guide that he was around if I needed him- like a love note reminder from a friend.

His name is what the native americans called the red tailed hawk (I found this out many years later) and it represents the Earth Messenger- or a Soul who is both Grounded in Earth (Red) and Grounded in Great Spirit (Eagle).  Pretty cool, huh!

I asked for proof of his existence and it was given.   I was walking around Goodwill (one of my favorite places) one afternoon and noticed a beautiful bright painting in the racks, hidden behind some other shitty frames.  I was drawn to the vibrant red colors on the top of it.  When I slid it out, it made me catch my breath and tears instantly filled my eyes! It was a painting of a vibrant Eagle in flight with multiple flecks of colors in it's wings and it was on a totally red back ground.  The best part was the price- $4.44.

I must have looked like a looney tune wiping snot on my sleeve and rolling up to the cash register to pay for my sacred priceless painting with tears running down my face.  I can not describe the awesomeness of this moment for me.  I immediately fell in love with the name Red Eagle.

Years later Red Eagle told me in meditation about our past life connection.  He told me that we were both in the same native american tribe in the Plains area of the US.  He showed me how we had been very good friends, in an arranged marriage situation, he and I.  There was no romantic love between us but great respect.  I was in love, in fact, with his younger brother (my current husband) and he knew this and was totally accepting of it.  Why?  Because he was completely consumed with Great Spirit.

He was quite a sensitive and psychically gifted Soul.  He had a powerful gift of seeing and hearing and so he spent many long hours and even days in commune with nature and Great Spirit away from the tribe.  This created loneliness for me and opportunity for his younger brother to keep me occupied.
His whole focus was on transcending what the tribe wanted from him and instead focusing completely on what Great Spirit wanted from him.

A few days before he passed, he asked his younger brother to take care of me, should anything happen to him (he had a premonition it would).  He showed me how he left to do another vision quest and went deep into meditation and left his body.  We found his body and assumed he had frozen to death.

After his passing he began to visit me in dreams.  He was glorious and filled with such light.  He told me to move forward and be happy with his brother.  He showed me two sons who were going to bless my womb and life.  This was all I was shown about that life.

His personality- deeply calm, dry sense of humor and incredibly patient.  He has such a deep love for every person I work with.  I can feel his love for all of my clients as they sit in front of me.  It feels so much like "teamwork" when I am doing readings or healing on others.  It's quite wonderful and I am incredibly grateful for it all.

He wants me to make sure YOU know, that he is available should you ever need extra help.  He will combine his energies with your guides to help you feel strength and courage to move forward.  He may also visit you in dreams (as he has been known to do with my students).

He works directly with me and is only my Master Guide- but his path is to help all of humanity, not just me and he has been very clear about this with me.  


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