Why the hell am I here? Life Purpose 101

So several questions came in last week related to life purpose..... everyone wonders at some point in their life, why am I here?  Do I have any gifts? And what the heck am I supposed to do with them?

Valid and powerful questions to explore..... So I went to the crew this morning and presented some of your questions about PURPOSE to see what lovely guidance they had to offer.

Me: I have heard a lot of questions come in about WHY are we here? I have my own feelings on that,  but I'd like to hear what you all have to say about it.

Ann: A simple way to explain it is that each of you chooses to come here to create and play and experience YOURSELF within the playground of duality.  Duality does not exist in our realm.  Separation does not exist in our realm.  While we are able to remain unique in our expression of the ONE SOURCE of all life, we still feel, know and understand at all times our connection to each other completely.  There are no private thoughts or private feelings here- all is revealed as soon as it is felt or thought.  

So, you love to come and play in the illusion of separation.  You love to take your Unique expression of the ONE- which you call Soul and bring a piece or percentage of that Soul's awareness into a limited expression to experience WHO YOU ARE in that limitation.

Red Eagle: We talked to you about Transcendence recently.  This is the Joy of the Soul in overcoming obstacles.  There are no limitations in this realm- all is available to you.  You love the experience of trying to bring that level of awareness in to this limited experience because it makes it harder to accomplish.  And, as we have said before, every single one of you, whether you remember or not, loves to overcome challenges, to grow, to push against limits and to KNOW yourself in that challenge.

Ann: So you are all really here to BE YOURSELF within the limitations you have created for yourself before coming into this embodiment.  It is only in BEING your true self that you can overcome your challenges anyways!  They are an essential element to the transcendence itself. 

You are also fully aware that by being yourself- fully yourself, you will assist humanity in some way by offering your own unique expression of God through you.  It may be one person that your light assists or thousands- it does not matter.  For in the eyes of love- any act of lifting another is Sacred and Celebrated as an act of the ONE.  Your sharing of yourself does not have to be profound, like Mother Theresa or the Christ.  It is to simply be present in every moment and to ask your inner essence what the LOVE within you would choose to do or be in this moment.  In following that inner guidance of the true inner self- you will be following your purpose (I saw her do air quotes here indicating to me this is a phrase we choose to use, not the other side)

It is also by listening to this inner essence that one will be inspired to take actions in their life to expand the offerings of their own inner light and love. This can be as simple as making dinner for your family and serving it to them in an atmosphere of communion and nurturing, or taking the risk to seek a new job because the prospect of it excites your inner essence.  

Red Eagle: From this realm, purpose is not seen as one thing, as so many of you like to label it.  It is seen as a way of being, as the choice to be in alignment with who you really are and to express that true self within the resistances of this reality.  How you choose to express that is completely up to you.  You do choose activating points that are crystallized within your energy field on the 5th and 6th layers.  This will draw to you opportunities and also experiences that will help to draw out your inner self in a fuller way.  

Me: Hmmm, like when I decided I wanted to be a nurse?  My roommate from college had come told me she was going in to nursing and it instantly lit my whole body up.  I went the next day and changed my major from Elementary Education to Nursing- and it all felt so right.

Red Eagle: Yes, that is an example of one of those moments of activation.  There are several in place, just in case you ignore a few.  It will become more and more difficult to ignore them as your inner voice will get louder and louder with dissatisfaction or even pain to get you to make a shift or open to change.
It isn't full proof, because you can resist it- but we also know you have all of eternity to keep exploring and playing with these choices.  So do not worry.  You have no deadline (pun intended)- because even death cannot keep you from what you choose to experience.  You will get as many opportunities as you'd like to experience yourself however you choose.

Me: So what about gifts or talents?  How do those play into it all?  I mean I obviously have mediumship and healing gifts and am using those strongly.

John: Everyone has aspects of their Soul that they are playing with in the experience of limitation. The ONE SOURCE lets each of us choose and decide what we want to focus on and expand within ourselves.  Whatever talents you focus on, all Souls enjoy developing gifts that benefit each other.  WE deeply love being able TO GIVE.  It is something all of us, can't get enough of......

Frank: Yeah, it's like our Spiritual Crack! (Laughing)  We get high off of loving each other.

Ann: So there is most usually the choice to develop gifts that become gifts for others.  It is not a necessity but is quite common amongst Souls.

Red Eagle: You have worked on your self expression through the gift of mediumship, healing, and teaching in many many lifetimes....overcoming your fear of it, overcoming the self doubt it creates, overcoming the vibrational limitations to lift your own frequency, etc.  It has taken you many lifetimes to become comfortable and natural at the level you are experiencing in this lifetime.  You are also working on the gift of patience and compassion.  Which you will see more evident in your personal relationships.  

Ann: So your life will always draw to you the opportunities to express those skills, to practice them and to strengthen them.  This strengthening can only happen with the gift of resistance.  And so again we meet the energy of transcendence- it becomes your guide to the expansion of your innate essence or talents.

Me: Wow..... ok, so I'm feeling a little bit buzzy with all this information.  It makes sense but is there anything else you all want to add?

Red Eagle: I would suggest that you detach the idea of purpose with specifically being career related.  Your job in life, wether it be to stay home and nurture your family, or to be an office assistant or a teacher, etc. will allow you the perfect opportunity to be yourself, but it is not the only place this occurs..... Your whole life is your purpose- the way you express yourself in every moment is your purpose!  

Me: So it doesn't really matter so much where we express our gifts- our true self, just that we do it in every moment we can?

Ann: That is your intention when you come here- yes.  And you know that you won't do it perfectly or even possibly be great at it.  But, you don't care- you simply love the opportunity to try!  So embrace yourself and your clumsiness in expressing yourself OR your mastery of expressing yourself- embrace it all!  To us, it the most beautiful thing to witness. And we (meaning your spirit guides) are cheering you on in every moment.


  1. So many layers here to process. I'm wondering if you can address in a future blog the "gift of resistance". I've been discovering that our greatest desires lie on the other side of resistance. Is that on track? Would love to hear what your Crew have to say.

  2. Great topic! I just listened to a live seminar given by Neale Donald Walsh last night and he in essence said the same thing.

    1. Love him! Cool to know he said a similar thing- thanks for sharing Sally :)

  3. I have been enjoying the messages from your "crew" and feel the essence of truth in their sharing. I understand the gift of resistance and while I don't always welcome the discomfort it brings, I have come to respect these "opportunities" and try to be patient for the growth that follows. It is curious that so many souls, particularly in our western society, spend so much time and money avoiding the discomfort. The marketing industry, pharmaceutical companies, drug dealers are getting rich off of the fears surrounding being present in these lives we have chosen. Working as a healer in mental health, I am interested in any suggestions the "crew" would offer as to how I might better support people's ability to Be with themselves, to feel, and to get "unstuck" in this incarnation (should they chose to).

  4. This is such a beautiful invitation, and my heart really feels and trusts it.

  5. Buzz, buzz, buzz....I so enjoy the thought and feeling ripple effects that have started to come with these Crew posts. Love it lady - keep them coming :-)

  6. THANK YOU , always a good reminder as to "why" strangers are sometimes drawn to us for no reason other than light, love and happiness.


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