Holy Crap..... Has it really been over a year?

Looking out over Sedona Valley from a Cave

Seriously..... I cannot believe it has been over a year since I sat down and blogged my thoughts.  I mean, I swear, it's not like I haven't had a shit ton of them.  This last year has been FULL of transformative and awesome thinking.  Perhaps it's the birds I hear singing outside my window, calling me to take a walk, or the deep rich air of Cedar, or my vibrant acrylic paints begging me to be stroked and blended across a canvas.  I'm not sure, but all of these reasons have been worth the vacancy I've offered here on this blog- I promise.

I've come a LONG WAY BABY in just this last year.  As many of you may know, I packed up my life, my husband and kitty cats and took a 4 day drive cross country to move to Sedona, AZ  (A place I have always felt at home).   Leaving my grown children behind to create their own lives was the hardest part.   Because of that brave, brave endeavor, I am Spiritually and Emotionally happier than I've ever been.  And, I am more deeply connected to my Soul (and children) than I have known before in this life.  

My magical child is thrilled because the "woo woo" experiences are daily here in Sedona, AZ. I have met some pretty lovely people- many of them just passing through on a visit.  And I let all the love I receive from nature and like minded souls, feed my body and heal my heart.

My physical body is still adjusting to the higher happier vibrations of my life- and interestingly that means I seem to be more tired than I'd like.  But my guides assure me, it's all part of the energies and nothing to be focused on.  I can actually feel a hum in my whole being most of the time- which I used to feel only in meditation or healing!

After our move, my husband and I decided to open SOUL SHINE,  (Our Facebook Page) A cute little shop in Uptown Sedona.  I believed it would offer me a place to sell all of my inspirational artwork, and allow my creative juices to have an outlet that gives back.  I needed a break from the healing work I had done for 23 years and this seemed like a perfect place to Shine my own Soul's energy.

A look Inside and Out at the beginning.

Not only has this sweet little shop given me abundance and the unlimited opportunity for creativity- it had a BIG surprise up it's sleeve for me as well! It has become a healing space for all Soul's who need a "tune up" and love.  

Over coffee one morning my hubby and I decided we wanted to offer more than just cool "stuff" at Soul Shine.  We wanted to help people get their Soul Shined!  So we set the intention of high vibration, unconditional love and healing in every corner of our shop.  Declaring and inviting the angels and Masters of Love to occupy our space and to only allow those to enter who could receive this energy of LOVE in some way for their highest good.  We asked that those who could not receive it be guided elsewhere- where they would feel more comfortable and happy.  Even it if meant losing a sale, we wanted only those who could truly benefit from our store to enter it.  

Then we sat back and watched.

HOLY COW- did the energy expand and shift, and quickly!  Almost every hour someone would enter and say how great if felt in our store.  I even had a few people come up to the counter and start crying and asking me for love or a hug (those of you that know me are laughing right about now).  Of course this would happen, right?  It's the store of a healer- and so healing is bound to happen.  

SOUL SHINE has even changed my husband (He calls it "our baby").  He used to be a network analyst, sitting behind a computer all day.  Now, he stands behind the counter and radiates love to every person who enters (well he tries to hit everyone..... some people push his buttons and he has to practice breathing)
And guess what- HE LOVES IT!  He comes home and tells me stories about the most wonderful Souls that ventured into our store that day- who felt compelled to share their lives with him.  He has learned that listening is one of the most loving things a Soul can offer another Soul. And he feels more full of purpose and enthusiasm.  (Honestly, I have to convince him not to "pop" in to check on things on his day off).  

So life is better than good my friends- and I hope I haven't bored you with my details. But, I know you can stop reading at anytime- so If I've still got your attention- thanks for listening!  It felt great to touch in again, and to share.

I'll be making more of an effort to keep up with the blog now- pinky swear.... if you are still interested in reading it.  

Namaste my friend.


  1. We were just thinking about you the other day! So happy that YOUR soul is shining :)

  2. Nice to read that things are well for you in Sedona. I miss not being able to get a reading, but that is overshadowed by reading the joy that seems to radiate from this blog. I know some day in the future you will see me in Sedona at your shop.

  3. So glad things are going so well for you there. I look forward to someday coming to visit you and your shop.

  4. I am so glad for you, I look forward to someday coming to visit you and your shop.

  5. How wonderful that you have found your niche. We miss you here. Your house on Sunset still looks lost and abandoned; you were truly it's soul. But I'm so glad to hear you are happy in Sedona. Sedona is such a mystical place. God bless you.


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